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Theme & Water Parks

First Aid Supplies for Theme Parks & Water Parks

A fast run on a waterslide to cool off on a hot summer day, or a wild ride on a rollercoaster to get your adrenalin going, nothing is better than a day at a theme or water park.

Sometimes the excitement of a day at the theme park makes people forget about the practicalities of a day outdoors. As a result, theme and water parks need to be prepared for a variety of minor injuries, sunburns and ailments that affect both customers and crew.

To treat cuts and blisters at the water park, waterproof bandages are a must. Cold packs and elastic bandages to treat minor bumps and twisted ankles at theme parks are sure to meet appreciation from your customers. For the more infrequent but serious injury, NorMed has the first aid supplies you need, like splints, trauma kits and resuscitators, to help stabilize your crew or guest until medical help arrives Scroll down to view some of our popular first aid products for Theme Parks & Water Parks.

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Quick-Ice grouping


Handy, disposable QUICK-ICE instant cold packs provide instant temporary relief for minor swelling, sprains and strains. QUICK-ICE cold packs are a necessity wherever strenuous activities may cause injuries. Single use QUICK-ICE cold packs are available in two sizes, boxed or bulk. Click photo to go to products.



Cohere Wrap group

Cohere Wrap

Cohere Wrap self-adhering elastic bandages are a lightweight, economical compression wrap used most commonly as a dressing bandage. Another great use is for wrapping joints with sprains and strains. Being completely latex free there are no worries for skin allergies to latex. Cohere Wrap is available in tan or high visibility blue. Compare to Coban. Click photo to go to products.

AQUAFLEX 1 inch strips


HART AQUAFLEX adhesive bandages are waterproof and stay on in pools, water rides, and even with perspiration. Patrons and workers can help protect minor wounds from infection with confidence that it won't stop their fun. NorMed offers many other type of adhesive bandages as well, simply click on the Wound Care category to find more. Click photo to go to products.


Sqwincher Fast Pack


Dehydration can ruin a day of fun. Sqwincher is a tasty way to replace lost electrolytes aiding in reducing dehydration. Sqwincher "Fast Packs" are handy pouches used by adding water directly into the pouch or "Qwik Stiks" can be added to bottled water. Both are available in fruit punch or lemon flavors. Click photo to go to products.

Stifneck select Collar

Stifneck Select Collars

The trusted Laerdal Stifneck Select Collar adjusts to provide excellent neck immobilization. The locking mechanisms ensure stability with symmetrical alignment. NorMed supplies a full line of standard sized Stifneck Collars including tall, regular, short, no neck and the Pedi-Select Collar. Click photo to go to products.

Wound Wipes box

Wound Wipes

Remove grass, dirt and other debris before dressing minor wounds to prevent infection with Wound Wipes. Great for quick, easy, sterile cleansing of minor wounds, especially when soap and water are not available. Individually wrapped towelettes are soaked in the antibacterial solution Benzalkonium Chloride. Click photo to go to products.

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