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Steel Mills & Mining

First Aid Supplies for the Steel Mills & Mining Industries

Mines and mills work diligently at accident prevention striving for a zero injury workplace, but due to the grueling nature of the work not all accidents are avoidable. In addition to acute injury, ailments from repetitive vibration, loud noise and chemical contact can expose themselves abruptly, leaving employees sick and unable to work unless first aid measures are taken.

NorMed can help you select first aid products to help keep employees on the job. Taking into consideration things like the remoteness of the work, the type of work and how many people on-site, we can help you meet your specific needs, as well as comply with OSHA. From adhesive bandages to treat small cuts, blisters and burns, to hearing and eye protection, NorMed has the first aid supplies you need to help you reach your goal of no lost man hours.

Regardless of the size of your operation, NorMed can help you obtain the first aid supplies needed to keep your facility safe and compliant. Scroll down to view some of our popular first aid products for the Steel Mills & Mining Industries.


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Quick-Ice grouping


Handy, disposable QUICK-ICE instant cold packs provide instant temporary relief for minor swelling, sprains and strains. QUICK-ICE cold packs are a necessity wherever strenuous activities may cause injuries. Single use QUICK-ICE cold packs are available in two sizes, boxed or bulk. Click photo to go to products.


Cohere Wrap group

Cohere Wrap

Cohere Wrap self-adhering elastic bandages are a lightweight, economical compression wrap used most commonly as a dressing bandage. Another great use is for wrapping joints with sprains and strains. Being completely latex free there are no worries for skin allergies to latex. Cohere Wrap is available in tan or high visibility blue. Compare to Coban. Click photo to go to products.

BACKPRIN Pain Reliever group


Compared to other advertised brands HART medications meet or exceed them in quality and reliability. BACKPRIN for example, when compared to Backquell has a stronger formula for faster back pain relief. Unit dose packets have full disclosure labeling including warnings to help protect workers. Click photo to go to products.


ULTRAFLEX Adhesive Bandages box


ULTRAFLEX Adhesive Bandages by HART have heavy woven elastic cloth for flexibility plus comfort and a super aggressive adhesion. ULTRAFLEX stay in place even when work gloves go on multiple times during a work shift. Resistant to perspiration, water, oil/grease and dirt they are dependable. "Island" wound pads on 5 of the 7 shapes available help seal out infection causing debris and dirt. Click photo to go to products.

ANSI Class B 4 Shelf First Aid Station

ANSI First Aid Stations

ANSI First Aid requirements were updated in 2015. Preparedness for emergencies or everyday first aid needs is serious business and NorMed understands what businesses need to assist in their specific requirements. Starting with a well stocked first aid station or kit can make a huge difference to employee moral when they know the company is looking out for them. Click photo to got products.


TRIBIOTIC ointment

Triple Antibiotic Ointments

Triple Antibiotic Ointments help seal and heal wounds to help prevent infection. A non-stinging ointment is helpful for those minor injuries such as scrapes and small cuts. Try TRIBIOTIC in unit dose packets to help reduce the potential for cross-contamination that may occur when using tubes. Click photo to go to products.



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