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Ski & Sports

First Aid Supplies for the Ski & Other Sports Industries

Skiing and outdoor sports require special first aid supplies. Because of the cold, wet environment and lack of access to immediate emergency care, winter sports facilities must have key supplies to easily treat minor injuries, like scrapes, bruises and blisters, and stabilize patrons who have more serious injuries until help arrives.

To deal with the wet and cold, NorMed offers a line of adhesive tapes and waterproof bandages in various sizes to treat small wounds. For major trauma like head injuries or bone breaks, splints, BloodBlocker gauze, combine ABD pads, backboards, head immobilizers and basket stretchers can help move and stabilize the injured person until they are ready for transport to a medical facility.

Regardless of the sport or the number of people and staff involved, NorMed can help you obtain the first aid supplies needed to keep your facility safe and compliant. Scroll down to view some of our popular first aid products for the Ski and Sports Industries.


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2 inch Porous Tape box

Porous Tape

HART Porous Tape is a strong cloth tape that provides dependable support and is excellent in cold conditions. Great for support strapping, patient positioning, holding splints in place, restraints, and immobilization of strains or sprains. Compare to Zonas for great value pricing. Click photo to go to products.


HART Padded Splint

Padded Splint

HART brand Padded Splints compare to SAM Splints in every way except they are lower priced. NorMed carries three different Padded Splints; 4.5" x 36" rolled, 4.5" x 24" rolled (shown), and the 4.5" x 24" flat folded. Radiolucent and waterproof, they will not stick to wounds and can be cleaned with disinfectant for reuse. Click photo to go to products.

Cohere Wrap group

Cohere Wrap

Cohere Wrap self-adhering elastic bandages are a lightweight, economical compression wrap used most commonly as a dressing bandage. Cohere Wrap is available in tan or high visibility blue and is completely latex free. Compare to Coban. Click photo to go to products.




LITEFLEX bandages are a customer favorite because of their comfort and reliability. Designed to meet the demanding needs of today's work environments, LITEFLEX adhesive bandages stay on even with perspiration to protect minor wounds. Want a waterproof adhesive bandage? Try our AQUAFLEX bandages. Click photo to go to LITEFLEX products.


3 inch Gauze Pad box of 100

Gauze Pads

High quality, sterile, HART 12-ply Gauze Pads meet USP Type VII requirements for absorption and thread count. Gauze pads protect and cushion wounds, absorb fluids, and can be used for wound cleansing. Packaged 2 per sterile pouch. An essential first aid product for all first aid kits. Click photo to go to products.


Stifneck select Collar

Stifneck Select Collars

The Trusted Laerdal Stifneck Select Collar adjusts to provide excellent neck immobilization. The locking mechanisms ensure stability with symmetrical alignment. NorMed supplies a full line of standard sizes including tall, regular, short, no-neck and the Pediatric Select Collar. Click photo to go to products.

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