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Schools & Universities

First Aid Supplies for the Schools & Universities

From splinters at the neighborhood preschool to head injuries from the intramural college rugby tournament, the types of first aid supplies needed at schools and universities are as varied and unique as the students themselves.

To complicate matters, an increase in serious violence on school property in recent years has also stepped up the need for increased immediate care medical supplies. As a result, teachers and school professionals must be able to treat a variety of common and unexpected medical issues on school campuses.

Whether you need a personal first aid kit for teachers to keep in their desks, a large supply of immediate care medical supplies for triage emergencies, or anything in between, we've got the first aid products that are perfect for the needs of today's educational facilities Scroll down to view some of our popular first aid products for Schools & Universities.

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Sheer Large Patch Bandages

HART Sheer Strips

HART brand Sheer Adhesive Bandages meet or exceed national brand name sheer bandages at a substantial savings. The large patch and the 1" strip have "island" non-stick pads sealing around the wound for more protection. Packaged in several sized boxes or bags you are sure to find just the right quantity to fit your needs and budget. Click photo to go to products.

Quick-Ice grouping


Handy, disposable QUICK-ICE instant cold packs provide instant temporary relief for minor swelling, sprains and strains. QUICK-ICE packs are a necessity wherever strenuous activities may cause injuries. Single use QUICK-ICE packs are available in two sizes, boxed or bulk. Click photo to go to products.


Invfection Contro Kit

Infection Control

Bloodborne pathogens and other infectious body fluids must be handled carefully and disposed of properly. NorMed offers HART Infection Control and Clean-Up kits as well as a full complement of personal protection products to help prevent exposure risks. Keep hand sanitizers, vomit bags, nitrile gloves, sharps and biohazard disposal containers handy. Click photo to go to products.



Dynawrap Elastic Bandages can be used for support, compression, securing splints, dressings, ice packs and more. Dynawrap is reusable and can be laundered and even sterilized. Woven to provide balanced stretch and compression using high quality cotton reinforced with rubber (contains latex). Click photo to go to products.


Hand Sanitizer packets

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers help stop the spread of germs and viruses. Safe for repeated use, hand sanitizers thoroughly clean and are gentle on the skin. Handy pump bottles on counters and desks or wall-mounted dispensers encourage use to reduce colds and flu. Convenient single dose packets can be kept in kits, pockets, school bags, etc. protecting people on the go. Click photo to go to products.

Wound Wipes box

Wound Wipes

Use HART Wound Wipes for quick, easy, sterile cleansing of minor wounds, especially when soap and water are not available. Individually wrapped towelettes are soaked in the antibacterial solution Benzalkonium Chloride and do not sting or burn the wound. Keep Wound Wipes in first aid kits throughout the campus. Click photo to go to products.


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