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Outdoor Recreation

First Aid Supplies for the Outdoor Recreation Programs

First aid is an important subject if you're serious about hiking, hunting/fishing, adventure or summer camps, wilderness experiences and other outdoor programs. Participants as well as employees need to feel safe in the great outdoors. Having NorMed First Aid supplies on hand helps to provide confidence in your program.

An appropriate First Aid kit should be designed to treat conditions likely to be encountered while outdoors and ideally based on group size and individualized medical needs. One should expect to potentially treat trauma, environmental illnesses, and general medical conditions based on participant's medical histories. The First Aid supplies you carry might differ based on if you are simply doing a sports camp, day trip- or a multi-day trip. Likewise if you are traveling with a group.

Our complete product line contains supplies to treat common outdoor injuries such as scrapes, cuts, insect stings, poison ivy, headaches and allergic reactions. To suit the needs of all of our outdoor customers, we offer a wide variety of First Aid supplies and kits, ranging in sizes and content. Scroll down to view some of our popular First Aid products for the Outdoor Recreation, Sports, & Adventure Camp Programs.


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Quick-Ice grouping


Handy, disposable QUICK-ICE instant cold packs provide instant temporary relief for minor swelling, sprains and strains. QUICK-ICE cold packs are a necessity wherever strenuous activities may cause injuries. Single use QUICK-ICE cold packs are available in two sizes, boxed or bulk. Click photo to go to products.


Cohere Wrap group

Cohere Wrap

Cohere Wrap self-adhering elastic bandages are a lightweight, economical compression wrap used most commonly as a dressing bandage. Another great use is for wrapping joints with sprains and strains. Being completely latex free there are no worries for skin allergies to latex. Cohere Wrap is available in tan or high visibility blue. Compare to Coban. Click photo to go to products.

TUFFLEX Patch box


TUFFLEX are tough! Rugged enough to take the punishment of active bodies in motion. The combination of heavy woven elastic cloth and a strong adhesive are designed for superior comfort, flexibility and stick-ability. Eight shapes of TUFFLEX adhesive bandages helps to cover your minor wound care needs. Click photo to go to products.


Sooth-a-Sting box


"Don't scratch that bite." Bites and stings are common in the great outdoors but scratching them can cause infections. Sterile Sooth-a-Sting, whether in a wipe or crushable ampule, reduces the urge to scratch. An easy-to-use topical antiseptic with Benzocaine, Sooth-a-Sting is a relief to have whether you are working or playing in the great outdoors. Click photo to go to products.

3 inch Gauze Pad box of 100

Gauze Pads

High quality, sterile, HART 12-ply Gauze Pads meet USP Type VII requirements for absorption and thread count. Gauze pads protect and cushion wounds, absorb fluids, and can be used for wound cleansing. Packaged 2 per sterile pouch. An essential first aid product for all first aid kits. Click photo to go to products.


Wound Wipes box

Wound Wipes

Remove grass, dirt and other debris before dressing minor wounds to help prevent infection with Wound Wipes. Great for quick, easy, sterile cleansing of minor wounds, especially when soap and water are not available. Individually wrapped towelettes are soaked in the antibacterial solution Benzalkonium Chloride. Click photo to go to products.


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