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Forest Services

First Aid Supplies for the Forest Service Industry

As the keeper of America's parks, forests, monuments and other public lands, the Forest Service has the daily mission of caring for land and serving people. This includes managing over 34,000 employees across the United States in addition to millions of tourists who visit parks and monuments on a daily basis.

To protect and treat such a large and varied number of people and injuries - everything from bug bites to wildfires - the Forest Services have specific guidelines as to the First Aid supplies that must be available to every Forest Service office and field crew. Luckily, NorMed has a wide variety of OSHA approved immediate care supplies that meet Forest Service requirements. Because of NorMed's unparalleled customer service, including quick delivery, no backorders and 100% accuracy, you can keep your First Aid supplies and kits in complete compliance. Scroll down to view some of our popular First Aid products for the Forest Service Industry.

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Water-Jel Burn Jel packets

Burn Jel

Nothing like a toasted marshmallow to burn fingers. Forest Service personnel need to be prepared for all sorts of First Aid situations. Keeping burn gel packets to full sized burn blankets on hand will help reduce burn pain and may even save lives. HART Burn kits feature Water Jel burn dressings and other items, including sterile gloves, for helping with larger or more serious burns. Click photo to go to burn products.

Sheer Large Patch Bandages

HART Sheer Strips

HART brand Sheer Adhesive Bandages meet or exceed national branded sheer bandages at a substantial savings. The large patch and the 1" strip have "island" non-stick pads sealing around the wound for more protection. Packaged in several sized boxes or bags you are sure to find just the right quantity to fit your needs and budget. Click photo to go to products.




Dynawrap Elastic Bandages can be used for support, compression, securing splints, dressings, ice packs and more. Dynawrap is reusable and can be laundered and even sterilized. Woven to provide balanced stretch and compression using high quality cotton and reinforced with rubber (contains latex). Click photo to go to products.



Sooth-a-Sting box


"Don't scratch that bite." Bites and stings are common in the great outdoors but scratching them can cause infections. Sterile Sooth-a-Sting, whether in a wipe or crushable ampule, reduces the urge to scratch. An easy-to-use topical antiseptic with Benzocaine, Sooth-a-Sting is a relief to have in the forests, mountains or valleys. Click photo to go to products.

HART Padded Splint

Padded Splint

HART brand Padded Splints compare to SAM Splints in every way except they are lower priced. NorMed carries three different Padded Splints; 4.5" x 36" rolled, 4.5" x 24" rolled (shown), and the 4.5" x 24" flat folded. Radiolucent, waterproof, they will not stick to wounds and can be cleaned with disinfectant for reuse. Click photo to go to products.


Wound Wipes box

Wound Wipes

Wound Wipes for quick, easy, sterile cleansing of minor wounds, especially when soap and water are not available. Individually wrapped towelettes are soaked in the antibacterial solution Benzalkonium Chloride. Click photo to go to products.



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