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First Aid Supplies for Firefighters

Firefighting is an innately dangerous occupation and firefighters are trained to perform multiple activities in addition to fighting fires. Firefighter duties can include forest fires, disaster response, emergency medical response and technical rescue. As a result of these multiple tasks, and the unknown circumstances firefighters face on any given call, firefighters must have a wide variety of immediate care supplies readily available. Not only must they protect and treat others, firefighters must also keep themselves as safe as possible.

To accommodate the large and diverse First Aid requirements necessary in firefighting, NorMed stocks a wide variety of immediate care medical supplies designed for the firefighting industry. We offer several Basic Life Support First Aid kits needed for both the firehouse and fire truck, to specialty First Aid products to treat the wounded. NorMed has the First Aid products that firefighters can count on. Scroll down to view some of our popular First Aid products for the Firefighter Industries.

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2 inch Porous Tape box

Porous Tape

HART Porous Tape is a strong cloth tape that provides dependable support and is excellent in cold conditions. Great for support strapping, patient positioning, holding splints in place, restraints, and immobilization of strains or sprains. Compare to Zonas for great value pricing. Click photo to go to products.


Quick-Ice grouping


Handy, disposable QUICK-ICE instant cold packs provide instant temporary relief for minor swelling, sprains and strains. Ready in an instant a supply of QUICK-ICE packs are a dependable source for cooling injuries and helping in most emergency situations. Available boxed or bulk. Click photo to go to products.

Pocket Mask

Oxygen Masks

NorMed carries many types of oxygen supplies at great prices. Pocket masks with one-way valves and holsters to keep them handy can be found in our EMS Products category. Other available oxygen masks include manual BVM's, concentration masks and even nasal cannulas. Click photo to go to products.



LITEFLEX bandages are a customer favorite because of their comfort and reliability. Designed to meet the demanding needs of most environments, LITEFLEX adhesive bandages stay on even in moist conditions to protect minor wounds. Want a waterproof adhesive bandage? Try our AQUAFLEX bandages. Click photo to go to LITEFLEX products.


HART Padded Splint

Padded Splint

HART brand Padded Splints compare to SAM Splints in every way except they are lower priced. NorMed carries three different Padded Splints; 4.5" x 36" rolled, 4.5" x 24" rolled (shown), and the 4.5" x 24" flat folded. Radiolucent, waterproof, they will not stick to wounds and can be cleaned with disinfectant for reuse. Click photo to go to products.


Rescue Blanket

Emergency Blankets

Emergency blankets come in many types and sizes. NorMed has standard mylar rescue blankets (reflective type), disposable yellow emergency blankets, and gray wool blankets with optional grab-n-go covers. A combination of emergency blankets on hand is highly recommend for emergency preparedness. Click photo to go to products.


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