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First Aid Supplies for the Agriculture Industry

Most agricultural operations require multiple First Aid kits and immediate care supplies due to the many types of jobs and dispersed areas of work production. Since accidents in this industry can be severe and space for supplies is limited, it is important to choose First Aid supplies wisely.

While larger First Aid kits and stations should be located in main work areas, smaller kits and specialty First Aid supplies should be available on larger pieces of equipment and specialty work areas.

NorMed can help you obtain the right First Aid supplies for your operations. Supplies include key products like eye wash, wrist/knee/ankle/back supports and blue self-adhering wrap as well as additional First Aid supplies selected specifically for your needs. Scroll down to view some of our popular First Aid products for the Agriculture Industry.


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Eye Wash

Our Agriculture customers keep several sizes of HART Eye Clean on hand because they know they can depend on its quality and cost savings. Whether you require an eye wash station or a single use bottle we have it in stock. Order by 3pm Pacific and it ships same day. Click photo to go to products.


Neoprene Knee Support

Neoprene Supports

Neoprene supports offer maximum support for wrist, knee, ankle or elbows. Neoprene helps generate and retain heat to relieve stiffness and pain. We have a full line of supports including back braces and professional wrist supports. Please view all of our supports in the Braces & Supports category. Click photo to go to products.

Cohere Wrap group

Cohere Wrap

Cohere Wrap self-adhering elastic bandages are a lightweight, economical compression wrap used most commonly as a dressing bandage. Cohere Wrap is available in tan or high visibility blue and is completely latex free. Compare to Coban. Click photo to go to products.


TUFFLEX Patch box


TUFFLEX are tough! The combination of heavy woven elastic cloth and a strong adhesive are designed for superior comfort, flexibility and stick-ability. Eight shapes of TUFFLEX adhesive bandages helps to cover your minor wound care needs. Click photo to go to products.

Biofreeze box


A topical gel Biofreeze provides temporary relief of muscle pain quickly. Using a unique cooling and effective analgesic it is fast-acting and penetrates deeply giving lasting relief. Available in unit dose packets, a roll-on, and 4 ounce tube. Click photo to go to products.

Quick-Ice grouping


Handy, disposable QUICK-ICE instant cold packs provide instant temporary relief for minor swelling, sprains and strains. Always great to have on hand wherever there is strenuous work in progress. Click photo to go to products.


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