ChitoSAM 100 CE, hemostatic dressing, 4" x 4",Rx

Item Number: 1871

ChitoSAM 100 CE, hemostatic dressing, 4" x 4", sterile

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ChitoSAM 100 CE Hemostatic Dressing

A non-woven chitosan [kahy-tuh-sam] spun gauze hemostatic dressing is derived from snow crab shells and has a hemostatic performance equivalent to products impregnated or coated with chitosan hemostatic agents. 
  • Stops bleeding rapidly
  • ChitoSAM gauze dressing is used by placing directly into a heavily bleeding wound
  • Works independently from the body’s normal clotting processes
  • Dressings can be applied directly over ChitoSAM until medical attention is available
  • Tear anywhere packaging aids in quick access
  • Sterile, 4" x 4" dressing
  • Need Rx approval
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