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Your Source for First Aid and Immediate Care Supplies

Your Source for First Aid and Immediate Care Supplies
9 October 2020

Your Source for First Aid and Immediate Care Supplies

For more than 45 years, NorMed has focused on first aid and immediate care supplies for the special needs of businesses, including occupational, recreational, sports and employee healthcare by providing effective products at budget-friendly prices. 


NorMed: A Long Legacy of Product Excellence

NorMed, formerly Northwest Medical, was originally started in the early 1900s. It was a small business that sold medical supplies to clinics and emergency services.

In 1974, the company was purchased by the father and son duo of Gail and Lawrence Shaw, who soon saw a real need for first aid products that meet not only the needs of business, but adhere to newly-created government regulations.

NorMed has since evolved to be a major supplier in the business-to-business (B2B) first aid and immediate care market with all types of kits that contain everything from bandages to infection control protection for coworkers. We have a wide range of kits – from convenient vehicle sizes to large wall-mounted First Aid Stations,  and specialized kits for trauma, burns and more. 

At NorMed we continually focus our efforts to keep our reputation as the first aid experts. All our products are designed, examined, and tested to meet the needs of businesses and industries across the nation. 

Always a step ahead in quality and diversity, NorMed has been providing personal protection products to businesses since our inception. We developed our popular Infection Control kits to help protect co-workers from infectious diseases. And to help our customers reduce the spread of everything from common cold to COVID-19, we select products that best serve specific workplace environments.

One latest addition is our Bleed Control kits that help prevent the loss of life due to major bleeding trauma incidents. These kits are now required in schools, colleges, and government facilities, and highly recommended for anywhere major life-threatening injuries could occur.


Medical Supplies for Every Business Need

We’re much more than first aid kits. We also provide:


We Answer Our Phones – You Speak to a Real Person Every Time

Having to deal with automated phone recordings is not our idea of customer service. We answer our phone and connect you to the people who can help as quickly as possible.


NorMed: The First Aid Supplies You Need, When You Need Them

We live by our customer commitments, which include exceptional quality, deep inventory, and a broad product selection, as well as error-free ordering.

  • All our products are produced to exact specifications and are guaranteed
  • Orders are shipped virtually backorder free because we stock nearly 2,000 first aid products
  • We carry a wider variety of First Aid products than our competitors
  • Our shipments are 99.8% accurate and your invoice will be correct

And remember, if you can’t find what you are looking for or you just need more information, you can talk to our friendly customer service people who really answer their phones! Call us today at 800-288-8200 and experience the difference that only NorMed can provide.

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