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Heatwave Ahead



Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are serious medical emergencies. Prevention is the best solution. The best way to prevent heat exhaustion/stroke is to be prepared. Educate your work force on the prevention and care of heat exhaustion/stroke. Have supplies and a plan of action.

Did you know certain chronic illnesses, medications, and medical conditions can increase the chances of having heat exhaustion or heat stroke? Caffeine and alcoholic beverages dehydrate the body acting as a diuretic, which removes liquids from your body. Understanding our own bodies and health needs is always important yet many overlook how extreme heat may affect their health.

Since personal health conditions are private, we recommend educating your work force on the prevention and care of heat exhaustion/stroke. Have supplies and a plan of action. Let them know the company’s first aid plan and treatments. To learn more try for more great information.

Prevention starts with the individual keeping themselves hydrated and aware of the consequences of extreme hot temperatures. Light clothing, fluids, electrolytes etc, help reduce the chances of suffering heat exhaustion/stroke. As an employer, keeping supplies on hand that replace electrolytes quickly will aid in keeping workers on the job. At NorMed we recommend Electrotab by HART Health, a sugar-free tablet that can be taken with water Electrotab helps to replace electrolytes quickly. Individual single dose packets are great in first aid kits and are portable for workers out in the heat of the day. We have Sqwincher available in QwikStiks or Fast Packs for hydration with electrolytes. Another helpful product for cooling victims is HART Instant Ice, cold packs. Placing a Quick Ice pack on the back of the neck helps to begin cooling the body right away.

To help workers understand symptoms and recommended first aid treatments of heat related illness and when to call 911. Two info-graphic links may help workers. Try posting in worker break areas, near first aid stations, and in coffee nooks. Encourage your coworkers to read them before the heatwaves come.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can lead to permanent health issues or even death, so it is important to pay attention to the heat indexes for your area. Be aware of workers that must be outdoors they may be in temperatures up to 15 degrees higher when working in the direct sun light. They should have plenty of water and first aid products with them on site. These products and the high heat safety information may save a life.


Please contact us by phone 800-288-8200 or email if you have any specific first aid needs for your business. We can help you find the right solution.



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