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Why customers choose NorMed over other First Aid Suppliers


Why customers choose NorMed over other First Aid Suppliers

Customer feedback helps us keep on track as the premier B2B first aid and immediate care medical supplier. We have had a great reputation for over 40 years and plan to keep it that way. We'd love to have your feedback to help us improve our services and products.

Customers rave about our website updates.

Recently Katie told us that she is very excited about our new website upgrades. She said, "It is much easier to browse." She also noted that the products are categorized very nicely making it a "snap" to Cusfind what she needs.

Christopher told us he is glad to be able to purchase supplies on account or credit card, making things much easier for him.

Our Customer Service gets great reviews.

First time NorMed customer Annie said, "My first order went off without any problems." and "Everyone is pleased with their new kits."

Jordan, who is new to her position, said "I appreciate the helpfulness of the Customer Service staff."

Tyson is glad that, "customer service always offers less expensive alternative products when available; it helps me stay in budget and get all that I need."

Donovan appreciated the fact that when he was very close to receiving our "Free Shipping" his customer service representative pointed it out then helped him take advantage of the savings.

Product quality and availability rate high with our customers

A local business recently told us "The HART Spray Bandage has already paid for itself. We used it on two minor lacerations and we were able to take care of the wound here as opposed to a trip to the ER."

Barb said, "I was so happy to hear that NorMed added the extra-large HARTFLEX Neoprene knee support. They are way better than anything you can get in a retail store." You are welcome Barb!

Many customers have praised our line of HART Adhesive Bandages. They are pleased with their quality, how well they stay on, the variety of types and shapes, plus the pricing is a great value.

Dennis is delighted with the new HART Padded Splints, especially the flat fold. "It is a great," he says, "because they are lighter and fit perfectly in packs. Also, they mold nicely and so are easy to use. The price is great too!"

Jim was excited to learn he could get "HART First Aid Station Refill Packs" for his stations. He thought he'd have to dispose of his old cabinets and get new ones.

Shipping orders fast and complete is a hallmark for NorMed according to these customers.

Kim says "You are always so fast with shipping out my orders. I just love your great service!"

Dan had a problem; he'd accidentally selected "Overnight Shipping" on his web order. He called and our team went into action to get his packages shipped ground. He was so grateful when he received his acknowledgment he was compelled to call and thank our customer service and our shipping department.

NorMed stands out from other suppliers with exceptional quality products and pricing. We carry a wide variety and deep inventory of the first aid products our customers need. We answer our phones (no phone tree or voice mail), we have virtually no backorders and we ship with near 100% accuracy.

We welcome your feedback to help us serve you better.



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